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Staff Solutions

Welcome to the official website of Carradice Care...

"Carradice Care aims to provide a partnership of world class, holistic, personalised social care services. With its foundation firmly rooted in dignity and respect, We provide care excellence by design and not by chance..."
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"Solutions to all your staff shorfall issues is just a phone call away..."

  • Why spend valuable time reworking your staff rosters.
  • Carradice Care can save you time and valuable energy.
  • Tailored services to meet your needs.
  • Partnership working covering a wide range of solutions to your staffing issues, i.e.:
    • Staffing for short-term emergancy unexpected absence.
    • Staffing for long term absence, i.e.: maternity leave...

Carradice Care supply fully trained social care workers. All staff are DBS checked, competent, fully trained and supported.

Services are priced competitively

Carradice Care operates an on-call service, which means you can contact someone out of hours.

For your establishment staffing needs, call us on: (01952) 501714
Contact the office on:
(01952) 501714
Out of Hours:
(07487) 833623